Imagine going back to a city you once lived; the city held so much hope you always thought it was the city of the future in your beloved country … Years later you have gone back to that city only to find that the city is hopeless, life hangs on a thread, and everyone is a vulture scavenging, fighting for the carcass of a city that was once the hope of the continent …

That is what our newest release, City of Cannibals by Dancan Ouma Obuya is all about.

A city falling into despondency …


ravaged by bacteria that’s growing in its once cleanest river, life has become walking a tight rope:



and the hazards those living in the city’s shanty areas face … the rich are the cannibals devouring a city that held so much hope with


The book was released on 21 August, 2020, and is available in Kenya and on Amazon. Get your copy today:

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