Our illustrators visualize and produce artwork and line drawings that visually represent your ideas, concepts or stories. We work with writers one-on-one so as to produce what you want.

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eBook Design

With the availability of e-reading devices, an author needs to have their book available on all devices, and in all formats. Our eBook formatting and design services make eBooks easy to use and available in different formats.

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Non-Fiction Book Design

We offer the best and affordable interior book design services for non-fiction manuscripts. We will give advice on font type, style, and formatting. We will design each page, style images, tables, quotes, excerpts, lists, and notes to really work...

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Fiction Book Design

We offer interior book design services for fiction manuscripts (novels, short stories, anthologies, flash fiction, etc). We will give advice on font type, style, and typography. We will make your book as appealing as possible—decorative fonts...

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Traditional Publishing

We offer traditional publishing for select manuscripts only. Every manuscript that is sent requires a maximum of twelve weeks to be properly assessed and evaluated. After a manuscript is assessed, the author is sent (a) written report(s), or is...

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