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Mystery Publishers is an Indie Digital Publishing Company thus we accept email submissions only.

Before submitting your manuscript, please read our Publishing Procedures. (We DO NOT ACCEPT unsolicited manuscripts. Unsolicited submissions will be ignored.)

  1. Submissions should be in English/Kiswahili. Send in a two-page synopsis of what your book is about and disclose whether the manuscript has been submitted to another publisher, reviewed by a third party and their comments, or whether you’re republishing.
  2. The submission should be accompanied by a brief, concise cover email about the book.
  3. The manuscript should be in MS Word—.doc, .docx, or .rtf.
  4. Manuscript should be typed, 1.5 spacing, 12pt, Times New Roman.
  5. Include ‘Manuscript Submission by (your name)’ in the subject of the email.
  6. Include a covering email in the body of the email explaining what your manuscript is about.
  7. If your work has been previously published indicate where and when and whether you have non-exclusive rights from the publisher.
  8. The manuscripts must have the author’s name, contacts, and address. The author must inform us of any changes of address.

The manuscript, once received, will be reviewed within 14 days and the author contacted and be informed whether it meets our publishing requirements. If a manuscript is accepted for publication, the author will be contacted to sign a publishing contract. Details of agreement are laid down, and if both parties are satisfied with the terms, the manuscript is then produced as a book.

Manuscript Categories

Note: We do not publish:

  • educational/academic,
  • specialist (e.g. medical, engineering, etc.), and
  • religious books.

Speculative fiction – Sci-Fi, superhero, fantasy, horror, utopian, dystopian, supernatural, etc.

Fiction – Novels, Short stories (minimum of five stories), noir fiction, flash fiction stories, etc.
Romance – from 20,000 words, be bold, authoritative, and creative.
Crime, Mysteries, Thrillers
Erotica – Novels, short stories, flash fiction, poems, etc.

Erotica is one genre literature that is shunned by many African writers. We want to break those chains that hold many writers back and publish African erotic stories Africans by Africans.


  • erotica is not pornography. Research well and distinguish your work from the latter;
  • novellas should be a minimum of 20,000 words; and
  • children stories should have illustrations.

Poetry – Poetry in general, more so if you are an avant-garde poet (minimum of 20 poems or 50 micro-poems).
Non-Fiction – Inspirational, biographies, non-fiction narratives, and general non-fiction.

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