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Amazon Services

Have you published your book and you want to put it on Amazon but you don’t know how to? Or you don’t have the time? With Mystery Publishers Amazon Services, we will do it for you.

Mystery Publishers Amazon services include:

  • designing your book to Amazon requirements (both Kindle and Print-on-Demand files),
  • designing your cover to Amazon requirements (both for Kindle and Paperback setup),
  • metadata,
  • file conversion,
  • ASIN/ISBN assignment,
  • Amazon account setup, etc.

PLEASE: Submit your manuscript fully edited, we allow only one revision; additional edits are charged. 

  • Files: Submit your text via email in editable format (MS Word—.doc, .docx, .rtf) and any other material like charts or photos in JPEG or PNG.
  • Trim size (for paperbacks): If you have a preferred trim size for your book say so, otherwise we will use standard industry sizes for your book.
  • Colourspace: Let us know if you decide to print B&W or colour. Designing your book in colour can make it look fabulous but keep in mind it may be a lot more expensive to print.
  • ISBN: Provide your manuscript with all required information like ISBN so we add it to your copyright page during the design process. If you don’t have an ISBN, we will use the FREE ISBN provided by Amazon.

Amazon Kindle Only

KDP Paperback Only

Combined Amazon Kindle & KDP Paperback

Design & Layout

Ksh.179 per page

Fiction books – Check price Here

Non-fiction books – Check price Here

Cover Conversion

To digital (RGB) format – Ksh.2,500

To print (CYMK) format – Ksh.4,500

To all formats required – Ksh.6,000

Account Setup, Uploading




The Design Entails …
  • Frontmatter and backmatter.
  • Layout: Set margins, columns, pagination, and running headers to create a stylish arrangement that works for the trim and binding as per Amazon requirements.
  • Structure: Design a scheme for frontmatter, sections, and heading levels.
  • Image insertion: up to 10 images/illustrations, more than 10 images it’s Ksh.200/$2.00 USD per image.
  • Style: Select fonts, chapter opening pages to set the tone for the author, and book genre.
  • Table of Contents: Include fully dynamic list of contents, figures, and tables to make locating material as easy as possible for your reader.
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