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Sharon is an editor and proofreader. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Sciences with a major in Publishing and Media Studies from Moi University.

Mariia Leukhina


Mariia Leukhina is artist and illustrator born in Russia. She
graduated with distinction from the Moscow Academic Art School, where
she studied different artistic disciplines and a variety of artistic

Michelle Korir is a reader, writer and editor passionate about creative writing. After attaining an undergraduate degree in psychology and pursuing a diploma in counselling, she transitioned into the publishing industry where she discovered that both psychology and stories are about understanding people.

Mary Koech


Mary Koech is a freelance editor who works closely with authors and publishers to prepare manuscripts from the time they are submitted until when they are ready for press.

Eunniah Mbabazi is a creative writer, poet and editor with a deep passion for books and literature. She has two published books, Breaking Down, an anthology of short stories, and Kas Kazi, a novel.

Vincent de Paul

Publishing Editor

Vincent de Paul is an editor and writer. He has a Diploma in Comprehensive Creative Writing and certificate in Proofreading and Copy-editing from the Writers Bureau, UK.

Abel Murumba


Abel is a talented and professional illustrator who visualizes your story in moving illustrations. Stories in graphics is his thing.

Herbert Manula

Cover Designer

Herbert Manula is a committed and dedicated cover designer who puts a face to your stories.

Gidion Makenzi


Gidion Makenzi is a passionate literary enthusiast, an English and Literature teacher, poet, writer, and editor. He has Bachelors of Education Arts in English and Literature from Kenyatta University.

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