Have you self-published your book? Give us copies of your printed book and we will help you sell.

We have partnered with the following organisations and bookstores for distribution. We are continuously searching for more distribution channels:


For us to sell your book to the Library of Congress, your book will have to be evaluated first if it meets the Library’s requirements. Submit a copy of the book first for evaluation. If approved, we contact you to submit the required copies.

We offer book sales, distribution, and promotion of African indie author’s books. Submit to us your printed books and we will help you sell.

Guidelines & Terms and Conditions
  • Library of Congress guidelines:
    • books submitted to for sell at the Library of Congress should be five (5) years old or later since publication, and
    • genres accepted are: fiction, poetry, or narrative non-fiction.
  • African Books Collective guidelines: 
    • only books published by Mystery Publishers may be distributed and sold through African Books Collective, and
    • the books MUST not be published on Amazon.
  • Submit any genre for sale to other distribution channels and bookshops.
  • Contact us expressing your interest to sell your book through us:
    • fill the Contact Us form,
    • Tel: +254 718 429 184, or
    • Email: sales@mysterypublisherslimited.com.
  • You will sign a sales and distribution agreement with us. The Agreement stipulates the Terms & Conditions.
  • Have your books already printed. (If you have not yet printed, check our printing services Here.)

NOTE: This is a sales service we are offering; it does not mean we have published your book. Thus, your book should not bear Mystery Publishers logos and trademarks. However, you can indicate your book is “Sold and distributed by Mystery Publishers (K) Limited” on the copyright page.

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