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Graphic Design

Book Design & Layout

We offer both eBook manuscript formatting and Print manuscript formatting (Black Text or Colour Text Design).

We format and design the interior of your book depending on the genre; we will send a PDF proof for approval before publishing. 

Contact us today to design your book.

Cover Design

Readers are drawn by the cover of a book, and within a fraction of second decide whether to check your book out or not. The cover is the window to the readers soul.

We offer great book cover design services for both your eBook and print book, your best sales tool. 

Contact us today to design your book cover for you. 

Magazine Design & Layout

We provide creatively-driven magazine design services. We work with you to understand all aspects of the magazine you want in order to deliver to you a magazine that represents and sells your brand.

Contact us today to design your magazine for you.


Our illustrators visualize and produce artwork and line drawings that visually represent your ideas, concepts or stories. We work with writers one-on-one so as to produce what you want.

Contact us today to visualise your book. 

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