• Browse our website to know and choose which package is suitable for your book. Once you’ve decided, submit your manuscript following our Submission Guidelines.
  • The manuscript will be reviewed, and if it meets our publishing policies; the author is then contacted with the feedback. If publishable, a publishing contract depending on the publishing package chosen by the author is send to the author for signing.
  • Once the agreement is signed, the author pays the whole amount or 60% of the package cost deposit (balance before publication) for the publishing process to commence (this involves editing and cover design).
  • The author is assigned an editor whom they work together towards comprehensive editing of the manuscript. The duration taken during editing is depended on how promptly both the editor and the writer correspond.

NOTE: The author is reminded that editing does not involve ghost-writing for the author; the editor makes suggestions that the author may accept or reject. The publisher may terminate the agreement if the author does not want to have their work edited, unless they had had their manuscript professionally edited.

  • The publisher develops three sample covers for the author to choose one for their book/e-book; or the author submits their cover concept with detailed description of how they conceptualize their cover together with images, if any, to the publisher for cover design. The author must approve the covers.

NOTE: In case of illustrations, the author pays for all the illustrations and artwork (Check out our illustrations services Here).

  • Once the editing is done, the editor submits two copies of the edited manuscript in MS Word—one with the proposed changes and the clean copy with the changes incorporated—to the author.
  • The publisher then designs the manuscript to the final book/eBook applying industry standard book trim sizes, appealing interior design, and proper formats (e.g. Kindle, PDF, .mobi, .epub, etc); or what the author wants to have on their book.
  • The publisher submits all the designed copies to the author and a proofreading editor for proofing.
  • Once approved by the author, the book is published on different online platforms—Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Mystery Publishers’ bookstores.


  • If the author wants to have print copies of their book, the publisher prepares the print-ready files. The author may elect the publisher to organize for printing of the books, or may choose to look for a printer themselves.
  • In case the author elects the publisher to organize for printing, we print any number of copies, cost depended on the size of the book (quotation will be given once the print-ready files have been forwarded to a printer and appraised); otherwise the author is linked with the printing partner.

NOTE: The printing is paid for by the author.

  • The printer prepares a sample print copy that is send to the author for approval. Once approved, the book is then printed. The publisher will deliver the printed books within 30 days (depending on the MOQ ordered by the author).

Check our printing services Here.


  • Mystery Publishers does not offer book marketing and promotion services save for online book promotion on online platforms available to the publisher.
  • The author remains the owner and custodian of the printed books, they stand to benefit 100% profit of the books sold through their network. We offer FREE online marketing on online platforms available to us.
  • The author gets 100% royalty for books sold through the publisher’s distribution channels—Kindle, Amazon, Smashwords, and 80% from our online Bookstore, or direct sales during book events. The author is paid the total royalties (minimum of Ksh. 1,000 or $10 USD) less transaction fees.

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