Traditional Publishing

We offer traditional publishing for select manuscripts only.
Every manuscript that is sent requires a maximum of twelve weeks to be properly assessed and evaluated. After a manuscript is assessed, the author is sent (a) written report(s), or is contacted via email/phone to discuss the work, or be asked to react in writing to the report(s). We are, however, under no obligation to give assessment reports.
If the manuscript has been selected, it is discussed by our Editorial Team where a collective decision on whether to publish it is made. Rejected manuscripts in this case will be immediately sent back to the authors, even if they have good evaluation reports.


Offering the most affordable book editing solution for self-published authors

Our editors offer great value book editing, proofreading, and manuscript assessment services for authors.

Our editors edit manuscripts using the track changes function of Microsoft Word. This function allows you to move easily between changes and accept any or all of the modifications proposed by the editor. Suggestions and comments are shown in the margin and are easy to accept into your work.

We return two copies of your work—a track changes version and a clean copy with all the changes already incorporated.


After you have self-published your book, you may want to print your book. Nothing feels better than the feel of paper between your fingers as you peruse through your book and the smell of wood as you read.

We offer affordable book printing prices, printed in Kenya. We print a minimum of 100 copies. Mystery Publishers is your best choice for efficient, premium-quality book printing at a wholesale price; contact us for bulk printing.


With our self-publishing services, we help you publish a professional, high quality book; our editors dedicate their time to your book and work with you all the way. Choose the package that suits your book:


Print-on-Demand Publishing – We offer print-on-demand set-up for books making your book available to readers whenever and wherever they need it. It cuts down on storage costs and the risk of outliving the shelf life.

Digital-only Publishing – We publish eBooks and distribute through digital platforms with a worldwide reach, giving readers access to books on different e-reading devices.

Traditional Publishing – We offer traditional publishing on select books. Submit your book for evaluation first.

Manuscript Evaluation

In manuscript evaluation, an editor/manuscript evaluator reads your manuscript and prepares a broad, comprehensive assessment report. You receive specific advice on how to develop a stronger narrative, better pacing, and more engaging characters.

Because the manuscript evaluation is a big picture analysis of your manuscript, it should be done first before getting into the nuts and bolts of a comprehensive edit.


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