Readers are drawn by the cover of a book, and within a fraction of second decide whether to check your book out or not. The cover is the window to the readers soul.

We offer great book cover design services for both your eBook and print book, your best sales tool. 

Book Cover Design Services

Our cover designer visualizes your story and summarizes it into a single design which will attract readers and make them buy your book. Our cover design services customize the design for your genres that you will be proud of.

Affordable Book Cover Design

Mystery Cover Design services are affordable, fast, and fully customized to fit your needs. We offer three book cover design packages with three design sample proofs sent to you to choose one which will be developed fully.

Basic Cover Design – Ksh.5,000 ($50 USD)
  • High resolution e-book cover.
  • Basic cover with one licensed image included.
  • Up to 2 cover revisions.
  • All extras can be added.


Custom Cover Design – Ksh.7,500 ($75 USD)
  • Full PRINT coverspread with  one image
  • Includes e-book cover; all extras can be added including further images.
  • Print-Ready file and images are in proper file and color formats to be printed.
  • Up to 2 cover revisions.
  • Back & Side, complete design, including the back cover and spine (provide page count to ensure accurate spine width).
  • 3D book mockup.


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