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The 2022 Afrika Redefined Indie Book Prize to be Held at Alliance Française de Nairobi – of Strategic Collaborations and Support of African Indie Authors

Therefore, the Alliance Française de Nairobi, as a sponsor, is a lifelong strategic partner for the Afrika Redefined Indie Book Prize because of its rich potential to encourage dialogue in contemporary society. The partnership seeks to give voice to a new generation of budding writers for whom traditional publishing has confined to the sidelines. This…

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Mystery Publishers’ Publishing Manager Speech During the Launch of ‘Our Stories Redefined Anthology’ at the 2022 NYrobi Book Fest at Alliance Française de Nairobi

We hope this anthology shall be the vehicle for new-age African writing that we envision. The challenge is, many a time in Africa, ideas die with their originators. Nigerian writer, Ken Saro Wiwa, summarised it well in his story, ‘Africa  Kills Her Sun’. This happens when we are selfish, don’t see and support the vision,…

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Don’t Miss the 2022 NYrobi Book Fest from 24 to 26 June 2022

Once again, we are honoured and privileged to participate in the 2022 NYrobi Book Fest. Come join us at our stand for more about our services, interact with our authors, book signing, children’s /young adults’ storytelling sessions, book café, spoken word, music concerts, and much more. During the Book Fest, we will officially…

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