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Published | Our Stories Redefined Anthology 2022 Edition by Mystery Publishers

We are pleased to announce the publication of the Our Stories Redefined Anthology 2022 (flash fiction edition). The anthology celebrates new-age African writing, a vehicle for new-age African writers to tell their stories to a generation that understands them.

In this 2022 edition, the stories focus on Afro-modernity and Afro-futurism, mainly familial and societal relationships. It is a collection of souls wishing to be understood in a chaotic and complex environment born out of years of conditioning.

The characters in this anthology struggle with one problem or another, a mirror of our society. It is not a collection of cynical characters but characters who have refused to drown in the world’s cynicism.

The anthology drew participants from four (4) African countries, viz. Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Zimbabwe, the same as in the 2021 (poetry) edition. We appreciate and thank all the participants who contributed to our 2022 edition. However, we received more submissions than in 2021.

The anthology is available on Amazon and Kindle, PDF (Mystery Bookstore), and Paperback (Nuria Bookstore in Nairobi, AfriReads Bookshop in Eldoret, and Ereto Bookshop in Nakuru).

  1. Adebisi Amori, Nigeria
  2. Samuel Ephraim Edward, Nigeria
  3. Elain Omwango, Kenya
  4. Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda
  5. E K Mwaura, Kenya
  6. Evanson Njuki, Kenya
  7. George Kenga, Kenya
  8. Ken Koast, Kenya
  9. Mathew Chikono, Zimbabwe
  10. Orocho Jaokjwaya, Kenya
  11. Queen Deraa, Nigeria
  12. Vincent de Paul, Kenya
Editor’s Note

Mystery Publishers launched the annual ‘Our Stories Redefined’ anthology to celebrate the milestones of redefining African stories. Mystery Publishers will publish an anthology of poetry or flash fiction every year. Participants shall submit original unpusblished works, and if their submissions are published, they shall not be published anywhere else for six months. The author retains, all time, the copyright to their works; Mystery Publishers the anthology copyright.

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