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Juliette Mwaniki

Fiction & Non-Fiction Writer

JULIETTE MWANIKI is a widely travelled Kenyan entrepreneur passionate about writing, singing, and public speaking.
Juliette has written two motivational books and loves sharing personal growth ideas with the youth.

Dan Kairo

Fiction Writer

Dan Kairo is a businessman and medical doctor with an interest in archaeology and astronomy. He is married with three children and lives in Nairobi, Kenya.

Elizabeth Bose O. Bien-Aime

Non-Fiction Writer

Elizabeth Bose Olorunda Bien-Aime has an LL.M.
in Rule of Law and Development; LL.B and Post-
Graduate Diploma in Public International Law;
has worked with the AU Commission and the UN
Economic Commission for Africa; and is a Member
of the project Matrix of the Ambassadors and
Heads of Mission Spouses and Diplomatic Spouses
Group (AHMSDSG) and the UN Spouses Group in

Sophie Kiwelu

Non-Fiction Writer

Sophie Kiwelu started her career as a banker at Kenya Commercial Bank in 1983 until 2002, when she opted for early retirement to pursue her dream in writing.

Mike Okoth Odhiambo


Mike Okoth Odhiambo is a refined pencil artist and a traditional painting artist who has mastered the art of digital illustrations.

Verah Omwocha


Verah Omwocha is a passionate and versatile creative with a rich background in creative and scientific writing, editing, book publishing, and communications. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree from the University of Nairobi, and she is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Literature from Kenyatta University.

Catherine Kabuuka Ssempebwa

Voiceover Artist

Catherine Kabuuka Ssempebwa is an experienced Ugandan voiceover artist majoring in audiobook narrations and commercials. Her voice alternates between classy, funny, authoritative, native, conversational, and all variations.

Davis Njoroge

Fiction Writer

Davis Njoroge has studied Journalism and Mass Communication at Chuka University. His storytelling journey began orally and progressed to comic books before evolving to novel writing and filming. His fascination with storytelling originated from early exposure to motion pictures, which triggered him to start creating and sharing his imagined realities. As an avid fan of the science world and the universe at large, Davis revels in the endless possibilities of science fiction, hoping to entertain his readers and come up with solutions to various problems facing the human race.

Baithili J M Linguya

Fiction Writer

BAITHILI J M LINGUYA holds a Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree in English Language and Literature from Kenyatta University and a Master of Arts degree (MA Literature) from the University of Nairobi.



Onejikũ is a Kenyan poet who writes to inspire and add colour to life. She draws from every ray of His light and endeavours to shine it on others. If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further.

Kathryn Langat

Fiction Writer

Kathryn Langat is a Kenyan researcher, lecturer, consultant, reviewer, writer, and administrator.

She attended Moi Girls, Eldoret, and is an alumnus of the University of Nairobi. She holds a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Her creative writing addresses African traditional cultural practices, especially her community, the Kalenjin.

Sharon is an editor and proofreader. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Sciences with a major in Publishing and Media Studies from Moi University.

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