How far would you go to fight for your country? Your people?

General Baikoo killed his master, Lord Smith. And Lord Smith’s wife. Then ran to the forest where he led the Mau Mau uprising against the British in Kenya.

Before he became a General, he was a bitter man. He had fought for the Queen in the East, Middle East, and Far East, only to be treated like a doormat after the war.

It runs in the family …

After Kenya’s independence, the new Prime Minister called on the Mau Mau fighters still in the forest to surrender to the new government. They were duped: the government just wanted to disarm them.

General Baikoo’s son takes up the fight for the second liberation of the country being plundered by its own people, but he is forever trailed by government agents who want to silence him. He gets nowhere.

The bitterness has no end

General Baikioo is still a bitter man: wallowing in poverty, not honoured as the hero he is, and false promises by the government; the sacrifices he made for the liberation of the country are nothing … and his son is walking the same path.

… and then there are locusts!

A cabal of corrupt government officials, the locusts, threaten to wring the country dry, and the past grapples with the present, pulling apart father and son, forcing them to realise that the cost of true freedom might be far too high.

This is the story you should not miss. Our upcoming release promises more into a past many of the current generation know from newspapers and history books. A story of the futile struggle for freedom in a country looting from itself.

Meet author Joseph Kang’ule M’Mwirichia. He is the new kid on the block, but he is no kid at all. He lived the Mau Mau days, and he is telling us about it in this riveting story of love, struggle, and futility.

Pre-order your copy today. Price: Ksh.1,000

About the Book

Author:  Joseph Kang’ule Mwirichia
ISBN:  978-9966-955-18-0
Country:  Kenya
Publisher:  Mystery Publishers
Size (In):  5.5″ x 8.5″
Pages:  231
Format:  Paperback
Colour:  Black & White
Weight  –
Language:  English
Release Date:  30 April 2021

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