These are the top 10 bestseller Mystery Books

Mystery Books bestsellers are selected from paid ebook and paperback sales across all stores Mystery Publishers distributes to. Some of the books have maintained the top 10 from 2018, while there are new entries and debuts.

Writer and novelist, Vincent de Paul, has dominated the list; and the newest Mystery Publishers’ writer, Hillary Lisimba, debuting at number nine.

Twisted Times: Son of Man by Vincent de Paul has maintained number one for the second year in a row, while Elove Poetry’s Bachelorette Diaries has gone up from position seven in 2018 to position two.

Vincent de Paul’s newest novel, Inevitable Desires: First Love debuted at position six.


A sociological thriller about the holy trinity of live: money, sex, and crime.

The dead can’t rest in peace. The living are in danger. And one man’s run has begun.

A life of twists and turns where one man does what he must, not what he ought; and the run from everything possible has began.


A noir fiction novel of its kind: Shiri Golan is rich, smart, and … a militant in a secret Jewish Society that aims to take over the world.


A collection of flash fiction stories on terrorism, the distant near future, conspiracies, why aliens have beef with humans, and the scars of war.

The stories begin and end without warning; take you into the future, a flash of alien invasion into the world, and the all-time-juicy conspiracies to make the world a better place.


A collection of crimes of love, the little things lovers do oblivious, innocently, inadvertently, sometimes deliberately and guiltily. The joys of love are compacted in the mystery behind the history love has written since time immemorial, it continues to write and shall write even in days to come.


Life on the fast lane; sex, money and crime – the holy trinity of life. Terrorists and their virgins; love, romance and marriage chastised in short, punchy, thrilling stories. The switch is flipped on and off before you know what is happening, leave you wanting more and more – something you will never get.

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A boyfriend goes missing without a trace, dead and buried secrets come back to live, and hard decisions must be made. It’s a war between the heart and the mind, a search for purpose and direction otherwise inevitable.

Paperback: Ksh.400

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A motivational book on how to make the most of opportunities by being hopeful in life.


A collection of flash fiction stories, the first in a series of flash stories first published on Flashes of Vice, the author’s blog, published within a duration of one year. The book touches on the vices affecting the society today: immorality, crime (kidnapping), payment of ransom, careless sexual relationships, murder, assassination, terrorism, etc.


It’s in the 1980s in Mbale, a small town in Western Kenya. Hillary Lisimba Ambani is growing up with a strict disciplinarian mother whom he calls Thatcher who beat the hell out of him for every infraction he did or did not commit.


This book talks about eking life. How the woes of life can be trumped is the crux of it. It’s a gentle reminder of how truly amazing life it as those times we are hitting a rough patch, when the oomph and enthusiasm is ebbing away.

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