From our very own, and only novelist (so far), comes another of his clever twists, suspenseful thriller, and a story that takes you to the edge of suspense. As the saying goes: a professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit, Vincent de Paul hasn’t quit. He has given us another intriguing and picaresque story in INEVITABLE DESIRES: First Love, the first in the INEVITABLE DESIRES Trilogy.

Hedwig Sanzi Joe, aka Heddie, is an innocent high school girl when she falls in love with a reformed criminal working in the church. When she becomes of age and decide to give the man of her dreams her heart, she doesn’t know that she has signed for the greatest hurt, betrayal, and confusion she would ever experience. Skeletons of her boyfriend’s past decide to crawl out of the closet and all she ever believed in is shattered. She doesn’t know that she is moving from one criminal to another when she makes the mistake of marrying the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance until she learns that her husband is the real criminal, not the boyfriend she let go.

This is Heddie’s story, the school girl that Kennedy Maina meets towards the end of Twisted Times: Son of Man, Vincent de Paul’s first novel. 

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