Mystery Publishers is delighted to announce the publication of a new novel by

Joseph Kang’ule M’Mwirichia

Broken Hedges

Published today 30 April 2021 in Kenya
Ksh.1, 000 | Paperback | 978-9966-955-18-0
Available in bookstores in Kenya – Kenyatta University Bookshop, Nairobi & AfriReads Bookshop, Eldoret

“A book of its kind, featuring Kenya’s history in an untold way.” Goodreads

Following his desire to see his work published, Joseph Kang’ule M’Mwirichia has now seen his dream come true in an exhilarating novel that tells the untold story of the struggles Mau Mau freedom fighters went through after Kenya’s independence.

Set in Meru and Nairobi in the post-independence Kenya, Broken Hedges follows the life of General Baikoo, a Mau Mau veteran bitter with the government for the false promises it made to them after they surrendered, and his son who picks the battle from his father as a political activist.

General Baikoo is a bitter man, and his bitterness consumes him to the end. His son, Lazarus Kamirangi Mwenda, in a desperate and futile attempt to resist the new political turbulence swirling around him, makes it his mission to fight for the second liberation of the country. His political activism makes him a marked man, forever trailed by government agents ready to pounce on him.

In his plot and characterisation, Joseph M’Mwirichia has focused on the struggle for freedom and good governance in two different generations, and presents a reality that mirrors our society—in the end, the political/ruling elite are not ready to let go of the reins of power, and anyone threatening that is an enemy of the state.

Through African Books Collective, Broken Hedges will be available for print-on-demand in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, China, and Commonwealth countries outside Africa.

Broken Hedges is Joseph Kang’ule M’Mwirichia’s first novel, his dream come true.

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