The Best Independent Digital Publishing Company – Kenya

When on 31 March 2021 we received an email from an obscure publication, MEA Markets, that Mystery Publishers had been nominated for the Middle East & Africa Business Excellence Awards, we thought it was spam; the kind where when you click they mine all your information. After much dithering, and ignoring the message for a few days, we clicked Accept. And a day or so later we were thanked for accepting to participate in the 2021 African Business Excellence Awards.

Over the course of the next 60 days, we would correspond with the coordinator, Kevan Cooper about what the evaluation team does, the documentation required, and then … the good news: WE MADE IT and were awarded the Best Independent Digital Publishing Company – Kenya.

Though not yet the official announcement of the winners, we can’t hold our excitement – we made it.

Our success and achievement so far is because of our dedication to professionalism and passion for quality. It is because of the efforts of our dedicated team of editors, designers, and the management.

For this, the CEO thanks the whole of the Mystery Publishers Team for their tireless effort this far.

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