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Final List for the 2022 Our Stories Redefined Flash Fiction Anthology

We are delighted to announce the finalists for the Mystery Publishers’ Our Stories Redefined flash fiction edition, 2022.

AuthorStory TitleCountry
Adebisi Amori‘The Multiverse Traveller’Nigeria
Edward Sammie‘Home’Nigeria
Elaine Omwango‘Wild Card’Kenya
Emmeline Bisiikwa‘Not Alone’Uganda
E K Mwaura‘My Beloved Gaslighter’Kenya
Evanson Njuki‘Number 44’Kenya
George Kenga‘Stuck in Reverse’Kenya
Ken Koast‘Onyx Oryx’Kenya
Mathew Chikono‘Twenty-Four’Zimbabwe
Orocho Jakojwaya‘Nudity Sells’Kenya
Queen Deraa‘Keziah’Nigeria
Vincent de Paul‘Sky Wars’
‘The Lysistrata Uprising’

This year, we received more submissions than in 2021 from four African countries, the same as in 2021.  

The Mystery Publishers annual ‘Our Stories Redefined’ anthology does not only provide an opportunity for new authors to be published, but it also celebrates new African writing.

Get your copy of the 2021 (poetry) edition:

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